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In completing the historic 2000 mile journey across Norway and highlighting the many heroic Commando raids that took place in the country during WW2, the N75 team aim to raise as much awareness as possible for the Royal Marines Charity and the efforts they undertake to support #goodmentalhealth. 

Despite their rigorous selection and training, and whilst the proportion of Royal Marines suffering mental ill-health is lower than the rest of Defence, they are more likely to suffer from PTSD. 

Over 1,000 Royal Marines have been diagnosed with mental ill-health in the last 10 years, with veterans and reservists showing higher rates.  This is a 95% increase on the previous decade.  There is also growing evidence of secondary trauma in the families of those suffering from PTSD and other mental ill-health.

The Royal Marines Charity supports individuals and families to promote #goodmentalhealth with the provision and funding of a number of resources including the RM Support Network

In 2018, the Charity will lay the foundations for the development of the Royal Marines Support Hub located at the Commando Training Centre in Devon; effectively a ‘one stop shop’ that can provide a range of practical and emotional support to the RM Family.  This will include a place for support network volunteers to train, hosting of group welfare sessions and activities, career workshops focussed on those medically discharged and drop in services for the entire RM Family.  

The anticipated total of eligible users is estimated to be 43,000 [including veterans, their dependants and the local communities], and with the Royal Marines Support Hub planned to operate for at least 30 years this could see upwards of 50,880 serving personnel and their families benefit from the building.

“We currently seek to support our families and deliver these essential services through a series of ad-hock events and support networks. These suffer from the absence of a dedicated facility. The provision of a purpose built facility which offers a safe and welcoming space where each element of the support network – pastoral, welfare, Unit personnel – can come together to deliver a coherent service is long overdue, and would significantly increase the capacity and quality of the support we offer our people. The planned Royal Marines Support Hub will deliver a cost effective multi-role facility which will act as a focal point and an incredibly valuable resource which can be used by CTCRM’s diverse service personnel and also the wider Corps Family.”

Col. Mike Tanner, Commandant CTCRM

Please find the time to donate and help the Royal Marines Charity in their provision of through life support to serving Royal Marines, their families and veterans. 

Tim Pitcher

Capt Royal Marines | Norway 75 Director

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