An Historic Journey to Raise Awareness for Good Mental Health

In June and July 18’, a team of 8 consisting of serving and former Royal Marines will embark on an historic 2000 mile journey.  Starting at the most North Eastern point of Norway, the self sufficient team will cycle an average of 200km a day and sea kayak up to 50km a day in order to cross the length of the country’s coastline and retell heroic stories of WWII Combined Commando /SOE operations in unique and captivating ways. This will culminate in a 75th Anniversary commemoration of the infamous Telemark raids – the successful Allied operation that halted Nazi Germany’s program to create a nuclear weapon. 

Linking up with the Norwegian Home Guard, local historians and families who have intricate connections to the various operations, the Norway 75 team will revisit the following:

  • Operation Source (mini submarine raid on the Tirpitz, Lutzow and Scharnhorst) 
  • Operation Martin (heroic escape and evasion of Norwegian Commando, Jans Balsruud)
  • Operation Claymore (Commando raid on Lofoten Peninsula)
  • Operation Musketoon (Commando raid on the Glomfjord hydro plant)
  • Operation Archery (UK-Norwegian Commando raid on German positions in Maloy)
  • Operation Gunnerside (Norwegian Heavy Water plant raid - 'Telemark Raid’)

Throughout the challenge, the Norway 75 team aim to help raise awareness for the Royal Marines Charity and its efforts to support good mental health. In 2018, the Charity will lay the foundations for the development of the Royal Marines Support Hub located at the Commando Training Centre in Devon; effectively a ‘one stop shop’ that can provide a range of practical and emotional support to the RM Family - this it but one example of the Charity’s ongoing projects. 

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